What do you want to know? My name is Laura, I’m in my mid forties, and live in the North East of England with my lovely husband. Originally from a village in the south side of Glasgow, I’ve moved about the UK a lot, but have still kept my West of Scotland accent and sensibilities.

What was I doing, moving about? I’ve had a couple of career moves which have taken me to different places. I have a BA in Educational Studies, and a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I also have a fairly large Student Loan! I worked in e-learning and web content management in the early 2000s, various bits of teaching, and most recently, I lectured in Nutrition and Nutritional Science at Liverpool John Moores University. At various points, I’ve temped in offices and worked in shops. I was a mystery shopper once! (I had to try on Prada shoes…oh, the hardship!) Every job I’ve had has taught me something useful (for example, you really have to go down a couple of sizes in Prada shoes if you want a good fit!).

I was finally diagnosed with Remitting Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis in January 2018. I say ‘finally’, because it seems that it may have been a part of me since I was 19. I certainly had symptoms, but it wasn’t until October 2015 when I had a massive relapse that I saw a neurologist. Anyway, a few relapses later, I’m halfway through my Disease Modifying Treatment, called Lemtrada (or Alemtuzumab to give it its Sunday name). I’m still negotiating the whole MS thing: I have good days and bad days.

I am not in employment right now, because the MS is too unpredictable just now. I’ve started this blog to try to encourage myself to be more creative, and to remind myself that although my brain might be a little bit scarred, I can still use it!

What else? Um. I’m good with a potato? We have a peacock that runs about our street? Let me get back to you…

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