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Is blogging still a ‘thing’?

Um, hello? I don’t wish to sound disingenuous, but I’m really new to this medium and actually quite reticent about blogging. I’m more private than my people think, so this is not coming naturally – no, seriously. I might be quite talkative, and generally quite open, but I don’t really want people to know all my business, nor do I wish to look like I’m showing off*.

*Yes, I am from the West of Scotland, how could you tell?

Perhaps blogging is not as popular as it seemed to be a few years ago, in which case nobody will read this and I’ll not have to worry about it. Meantime, my main reason for starting a blog is to record my adventures in MS land. I’ll do another post later concerning that, at some point, probably, but I’ve just done a long and higglety pigglety post about hot chocolate on Twitter @laurakwthomson and I’m going to put it all in order HERE. At some point.

(You’re supposed to do tags and stuff, aren’t you? Not today. I’m having an ok day and I don’t want to waste that on faffing around. Besides which, my hands are cold. I might have another hot chocolate)